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    Error when importing Word document

      I am having a problem importing a Word document. This is the first time I have experienced the problem.
      Partway through the import (it appears to be attempting to open the Word document) I get a message:

      A file error has occurred.
      Try one or more of the following:
      *Check the disk drive to make sure the disk is properly inserted
      *Check the disk or the disk drive to make sure there is not a hardware problem
      *Check the network connections.

      Things I have tried:
      1. Reboot of the machine that has both RoboDemo (V5) and the Word document.
      2. Renaming the Word document to something with a shorter name.
      3. Taking out large sections of the document and then retrying. Repeat until the document is empty.

      I have searched this forum as well as the general web for any information. Help! I'm on a tight deadline and I just can't kill any more time screwing around with this.

      Thanks in advance,


      PS. I would be willing to send/attach the document if it would help someone.
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
          Zip it up and send it via my site.

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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
            I started the import just before going to bed last night and it was still running when I killed it this morning. It did not error with the message you got but I did get a Microsoft Word message:

            The server application, source file, or item cannot be found. Make sure the application is properly installed.

            The import was stuck on the graphics under Metadata Format. I don't know if the callouts you had created in Word were the cause but you cannot have those in RoboHelp HTML which is going to give you a problem as the document is heavy on them.

            Back to the import. Is there something in your document that is pointing to a server? Is the template on a server or is your normal template on a server instead of being local?

            Also I notice you said RoboDemo. Did you mean that?

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              doxie_lover Level 1
              The graphics that I think you are talking about were created in Visio and then copied and pasted into Word. Is there any way of checking easily to see if it is linking back to one of the Visio files? If this is the problem, then why was I unable to import the document even after removing many chapters?

              For the Word template, I really have no idea. When we go to start a new document we tend to open an existing document, delete what is not needed and then go. Is there an easy way to check this?

              I meant RoboHelp. Brain fart!

              Thanks for your help.