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    No photos in selected folder. Subfolders not shown. I'm confused...

    hero jig Level 1

      Hi all, I just exported all my Aperture libraries and consolidated them into a Lightroom catalogue, and I'm a bit confused on one thing:

      Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 10.01.09 PM.png

      First, the message is not totally accurate, as the subfolders are shown under the twisty (okay, I know I am being too literal, but...) If say there are files in the root "Anson" above, they show up as a count and not zero. But the root does not include the count of the subfolders, and clicking on the root Anson, LR only shows the items in the root, and not the subfolders. Is this working as designed? I would like to see a total count for everything in the root (root photos + subfolder photos). Huh? Well, thx for any advice... I am using latest LR on latest Mavericks and the folder structure was created by Aperture Exported and then imported in place.