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    InDesign Will Not Save or Save As in CS6 or CC


      This has been an ongoing problem. I have Adobe Creative Cloud. I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times, updated to new versions. ONLY problems with INDesign.

      Will not SAVE or SAVE AS./

      I have been forced to export as In Design Markup (IDML) file as a workaround, which is not helpful at all.


      Save and Save As options are grayed out and unavailable.


      ANY IDEAS anyone? I see that there are others on discussion board for this issue, but no one seems to have successfully cracked this nut.

      In Design version 9.2.2

      Mac OSX 10.9.4, 3.4 Ghz Intel Core i7, 16 GB RAM, 1600 MHz DDR3. Plenty of machine.



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          Thank you SO much for posting this rfahle. I am working on a brochure and InDesign will not save. Here is a screen shot of what I get in the drop down. I was able to export to PDF, but I cannot save the InDesign file. This is MAJOR problem. Does anyone know what to do about this?? Is there a fix out there? HELP!!


          Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 8.09.44 AM.png

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            rfahle Level 1

            Dear Bonolgirl55,


            This has been a very frustrating experience - and I know there are many others out there dealing with this same problem. I have had several email and live chat conversations with the INDesign team about this. They have not yet solved the problem (they are reportedly aware and working on a fix for future update), but we did find two workarounds to the problem.


            First workaround is to export as IDML files and open that way. That is a maddening solution, you will find, and still does not allow you to UNDO or use the program to its maximum efficiency. It does help you prevent complete loss of your work however.


            Second workaround -- assuming you are using a Mac -- was to create a completely new Mac User on your computer, logout of your current user, then login to new user and reopen InDesign there. When I did that, InDesign had no problems at all. It worked fine. The issue with that, of course, is that you have to make sure your files and graphics are all copied over to new user Documents file, or or otherwise accessible from a shared drive somewhere. This solution allowed me to use InDesign without any of the Save / Save As / Undo issues -- but obviously undercut workflow productivity between Adobe programs and with other files, email, etc. as I was essentially cut off from my normal desktop work environment and lacked easy toggle between Mac Users.


            I am afraid that I have no other solution to offer, and I don't know when Adobe will figure this out. My problem ONLY applies to InDesign (I am a Creative Cloud subscriber). It's been very unpleasant and annoying.

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              Bonolgirl55 Level 1

              Thank you rfahle! Yes, I'm on a Mac and I'm also a Creative Cloud subscriber and I've been working with InDesign for about 10 years and this is byfar the worst problem I have ever had...


              I think I will try the IDML file first. That looks like the simplest temporary fix that might hold me over until they come up with a solution which I hope will be soon.


              Thanks so much!

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                I've got the same problems with InDesign CS6 (v. 8.0.2), on a Mac OS 10.8.5. I tried different things, install and uninstall, squeeze preferences, give all users all authorizations, and the only thing which allow me to work with InDesign is to export as .idml, and to create a complete new Mac User on my computer.

                And unfortunately, as rfahle said, I can't have my desktop, my other files, etc.

                It's a REALLY ANNOYING THING. I hope Adobe will soon be conscious of this bug and will propose a solution.

                Thank you very much rfahle for your help!

                Marie, from France