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    webservice with a relative path

      Coming from a ColdFusion background, I keep my webservices in a directory that the public cannot access. I create a directory on my shared server that is equal to the root directory (htdocs), use a CF mapping, and happily call my web services from ColdFusion templates.

      Now, using Flex, I cannot connect to my "hidden" webservices with either a complete path or a relative path. Can someone guide me? If I put the webservice in a "public" directory everything works fine; for example:

      <mx:WebService id="wsCrud"
      wsdl=" http://www.MySite.com/Webmaster/Tapes.cfc?WSDL"

      What I'd really like to do is more like

      But, of course this doesn't work; I just get the underwhelming "HTTP Error" alert.

      Thanks in advance for taking the time to respond.