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    Library hangs when rating pix

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      I'm about to lose it over a sudden change in how Lr 5.5 acts. Repeatedly when in Library mode, I will be going thru pix flagging rejects. At some unpredictable point as I advance thru the files (.cr raws) Lr will produce a blurred preview and then hang never completing the image. (Twice there have been error messages: "Problem reading preview cache" and "There was an error working with this photo." Two messages out of 2 dozen failures.) Most of the time the hang takes down Lr AND the entire system. A hard freeze requiring the computer to be turned off and back on. Any changes done before the freeze are lost. It seems worse the more images selected but this isn't a constant.


      I've recently moved to a new top of the line iMac (3.5Ghz quad core, 4GB Nvida graphics, 32GB RAM, 512GB SSD). I store my images on a Thunderbolt 2 bay enclosure with a pair of OWC 6G 480GB SSDs running stripped. I've switched from T-bolt to USB-3 and it seems a bit better. Lightroom has been unstable since being installed on this machine even when I was running the photos off a single 6G 480GB SSD in an USB-3 enclosure.


      I've optimized the catalog, deleted preferences. This did nothing. I created a new catalog and imported all of my files into the new catalog. Lr still hung. I deleted Lr and every possible file I could find associated with Lr, rebooted, and reinstalled Lr followed by another reboot. It sort of creaks along now, though I still get the hang when building the preview while loading an image. Now I'm able to switch away to filtering the rejects, erase them, and when I return I can start in again. Occasionally when asking Lr to delete a batch of files it will hang for a long time - as in well over a minute. The files are of course on a fast SSD. Responses to file handling in the library module are completely unpredictable and often absurdly slow. I've searched this here and other forums and not found this problem. The entire system install is new from the factory with very few modifications so it wouldn't seem to be a system problem. I can't rule out hardware problems though nothing else seems to be acting up. (The machine is 2 weeks old.)


      Several questions. (1) Has anyone noted Lr not dealing with T-bolt enclosures well? (2) Has anyone noticed this type of hanging when building previews? (3) Has anyone found Lr to get "weird" with external SSD storage? In short does anyone have a clue why tying Lr to the latest/fastest storage seems to make it slow and dumb. Lr worked generally well on my prior 2010 Mac Pro. It had a dedicated SSD drive for photos. (One of the drives now in the t-bolt enclosure.)


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          The message about "reading preview cache" indicates there may be some corruption of the previews, and that might explain the other symptoms as well. First delete the preview cache (it is a folder whose name ends with Previews.LRDATA, in the same folder as your catalog — do not delete .LRCAT catalog file!)


          If that doesn't work, my next suspect is that your hard drive is misbehaving and that's why you get these problems. I would definitely perform some diagnostics on the drive, and maybe even have the factory do some checking. Another possibility is to temporarily move the catalog from whatever drive it is on to a different drive and see if the problem goes away.


          Side note: photo files on a SSD isn't necessary, you will never notice the speed improvement over photos on a regular HD. Catalog and previews on the SSD is usually a good idea.

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            Turns out you were on the right track. The enclosure itself with t-bolt connection began to fail giving errors. I switched to USB-3 and things improved somewhat but I continued to hit errors. Turns out the second SSD from the same supplier with the same name is NOT directly compatible with my original drive - this despite a tech's assurance they were. I'm exchanging the enclosure and obtaining a new drive and will put it all back together. One normally doesn't assume hardware failure, so it took me awhile to work it out. As for you aside on the value of storing on SSD, I acknowledge that the improvement is not huge, but given how many images I manage, I judged it to be worth the cost. I'll keep an eye on it and see if it was a frivolous expenditure.


            It has been a long, messy and painful process to manually pull my pix off the failing drive, but I've recovered 95% - 98% of the images, but it took many hours of work. Hopefully things will improve.


            Thanks for your thoughts,



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              dj_paige Level 10

              With regards to putting photos on the SSD, I guess if you have the space, why not? But a recent study showed only trivial speed improvement ... 0.05 seconds per photo ... using an SSD compared to a hard disk. Will an SSD Improve Adobe Lightroom Performance? | Computer Darkroom