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    Spare and Repair aviation engineering parts/objects to be set into video and posted online.  Need to know what integrating software will I need to accomplish:  interactivity with cursor to rotate these objects for viewing analysis?


      GOAL:  Present video demonstrations of aviation engineering spare and repair objects for re-engineering and Request for Quotes.

      SPECIFICS:  Would like to present with interactivity capable to rotate objects.


      CURRENT SOFTWARE:  entire CC Master Collection



           Photoshop CC (Advanced)

           Illustrator CC (Advanced)

           InDesign & Copy CC (Advanced)

           Dreamweaver CC (Advanced)


           Flash with ActionScripting CC (10 years ago -- still retain some knowledge but would need a Refresher Learning Curve)


           Premiere Pro CC     (Beginning)

           After Effects CC      (Beginning)

           Audition CC            (Beginning)

           Speed Grade CC     (Beginning)


      QUESTION:   What integrated media software will allow me to accomplish GOAL?   . . . currently strategizing learning curve for production plan.


      Please, advice.  Sincerely, Idaglia Florez