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    Moving Collections, error code: Each file can only be associated with one photo


      I have three versions of Lightroom that I am migrating together, LR 3, LR 4, and LR 5


      All the images live in the same folder location, I am working on moving all of my collections from LR4 and LR3 into LR5 so I can work within the one version.

      I know how to migrate the collections, my workflow for this has been:


      1.Export XMP data

      2. Export collection as Catalog (and turn off export negative files)

      3. Open my main LR5 catalog and import from another catalog


      Moving the LR4 collections has gone smoothly, all the photos are connected and setting within the collections saved.

      I am having trouble with the LR3 collections. When I use the process above, I get the following errors:


      -The image appears with the ! in the corner, when I click on it to "Show In Finder" I get the error:

      "Can't be used, original file can't be found" Would you like to locate


      -I click to locate it and then get the error message:

      "Each file can only be associated with one photo"


      I have no idea what I am doing wrong. All the images exist once, in the same folder structure. I just can't seem to get the LR 3 collections to synch within LR5

      Any suggestions?


      Thanks in advance!