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    Motion detection question with camera, detecting and area and not a point (with examples)

      I am creating an application and although being sort of a newbie with actionscript, I am really trying to solve it.
      It is a web-cam based interaction, and I am using different pieces of code, mostly creative commons.
      here is the problem:
      it originates from an application where a dot will follow movement in the frame (dark pixels)
      I wanted to create several dots, problem is they will all follow the same certain point in the dark areas.
      So with some math i made the dots stay away from each other, but I am trying to achieve an effect that the dots will follow different points.

      Source code here

      What it does (SWF) you need a camera...

      Any help is greatly appreciated! really, i am trying to make it work...
      I guess that i somehow need to change the method of camera tracking from a point to an area.
      Is anyone familiar with detection an area?

      original code (one dot)
      was found at http://www.nastypixel.com/prototype/?page_id=73