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    Having an issue with ACR 8.6 install


      Got a new MacBook (old one died) with Mavericks OS.  I've been using PS5 on the old Mac and I was excited to get the new features of ACR in PS6.

      Installed PS6 from CD (it wouldn't install on my old MacBook as that was OS 10.6), and I did all the software updates.  When I open ACR it is identified as ACR8.6.  But the basic tab does not look like the 8.6 basic items I see in various demos  (it has exposure, recovery, fill, black, brightness, contrast, clarity, vibrance,saturation).  I do not see shadows, highlights etc sliders.


      Also when I open the ACR image in PS6, the demos of PS6 I've seen show a menu item to essentially use ACR as an adjustment layer.  I don't have that option in my PS6.


      I am confused




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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The difference in sliders is due to Process Version—you can change this on the Camera tab along with the Camera Profile.  Basically an old image shows whatever PV it was initially adjusted with while any completely new image will how the latest PV which is 2012.  There is not a one-to-one correspondence between the old PV and the new PV sliders so that’s why things don’t automatically get changed, though you can change things, yourself, using the Camera tab.


          As far as using Camera Raw as a filter on a layer in PS, that is only a PS-CC function.  CS6 three years old and won’t get any new features, only new camera support, so to have the new features, you need to pay for the cloud.  The cheapest option is the $10/month PS-CC+LR Photographers Bundle.

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            jerryseyes Level 1

            super thanks

            then its CC for me I suppose.

            Appreciate the quick and direct response