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    Horrible final video quality in After Effects CS6 when rendering a 1920x1080 video with H.264 format


      I've been using After Effects CS6 on my Macbook Pro for over a year now with no issues. However, today when I exported a video to be rendered in 1920x1080p with H.264 format, I got the worst quality final video I've ever seen. I filmed my video files in 1920x1080p (like usual), and I clicked all the same buttons I normally do to export a video, but every HQ video I try to export looks horrible. I haven't clicked any crazy buttons or anything out of the ordinary.


      I always export a video following this sequence:

      File > Export > Add to Render Queue > Lossless > H.264 (quality format) > video output (make sure it's checked) > audio output (make sure it's checked) > OK > Output to Desktop

      My render settings are always set as "best settings" including "full" resolution and "best" quality.


      Now, when I click H.264, a "settings mismatch" pops up and says:

      "Warning: Output file will be resized from 1920x1080 (1.00 PAR) to 320x1080 (6.00 PAR) to meet format constraints"


      The rendering quality and playback quality within After Effects is great, but once the video is exported, it is horrible.


      PLEASE HELP?! I have deadlines I need to meet!