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    Strange email supposedly from Creative Cloud




      I recieved a strange email which is supposedly from Creative Cloud, although you can't tell for sure these days.


      It starts out with " We don't want to see you go"  and then goes on about if I've decoded not to renew etc.


      It then tells me that my Creative Cloud membership will expire at the end on the next billing cycle... (membership for what exactlly???)


      I do have a subscription to Dreamweaver for $19.99  a month, but I was expecting a email telling me that Adobe would charge my card in the next day or so, but I didn't get any such email.

      Microsoft send emails out before they bill me for the Office365, I would expect Adobe to do the same.


      My card is a debit card, not a credit card and I normally keep only a small amount (< $10) available in the "payment" account and only move money there when I want to pay for something.

      This process protects me from pirates that would extract money from my account without permission.. (it is reccomanded by my bank)


      I'm not sure if this email is real or fake and it dosen't tell me what product it is for, but it does rave on about some Creative Cloud storage, which I tried and couldn't get it to work so I don't use it.

      I have 6 computers and the cloud thing only works on one computer, so it's a bit useless.


      I checked my account and it shows that the Dreamweaver membership is up to date and valid, so I have no idea why I recieved this strange email, which I will delete.


      Kind Regards

      Carl Nielsen