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    compete spcial offer restrictions


      How is that I don't qualify for the special offer when as  Student I Bought the MASTER COLLECTION CS3 for $800
      Yet a friend got Photoshop CS5 on special for $250 and qualifies for the special.
      I make a lot larger investment in Adobe and now they want me to pay more than someone who just started last year.
      It is called hook you as a student and $cre% you went you graduate.


      The answer I keep getting is we don't offer a special for student additions
      They never answer the question as to why you treat the person who has invest more like a third rate person.
      Back when I purchased that package it was at the suggestion of an Adobe rep that was at the school I had planned to buy just the retail version of Photoshop at the time for a lot less.
      But if I have learned anything is That once these big companies have you hooked they don't care anymore it is all about sucking you in. Then after that it is raise the rates once you are dependent on them.

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          John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Yet a friend got Photoshop CS5 on special for $250 and qualifies for the special.

          It is true that the Educational licenses of CS3-CS6 do not qualify for the discounted Cloud special rate (first 12 months only). I don't know why. I don't work for Adobe.


          However, only full Creative Suites (CS3-CS6) qualify for that discounted rate, not individual products such as Photoshop CS5.


          Are you certain that your friend got that deal? If so, I've no idea how if he/she only had Photoshop CS5.