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    Using LiveCycle Designer to create a webform--is this a good approach?


      My company president tasked me to look into LiveCycle and see if it would be a good approach to use for generating a web form for our company. The basic idea is that we would have a unique link for a particular database record, which the form would then display the contents of to a supplier to ask questions about the specifications of an item. The supplier would fill out the form, hit submit, and the data they entered would be saved to our database. The president came across the description for LiveCycle and thought creating the form, linking it to the database, and hosting it on our IIS server would work.


      Keeping in mind that we only have this single application in mind and nothing else even on the table as a possible use for the application, is Designer a good tool for this purpose? From looking into it, Designer seems to be more intended for use with the other components of LiveCycle and more for enterprise use than something this small-scale. I have installed the trial edition and it connects to the database easily enough, but the other functionality doesn't seem super intuitive towards creating a form for this purpose.


      Thanks for any clarification you can provide on this.