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    Setting AEP Documents to Open by Default with Adobe After Effects CC NOT Adobe After Effect CC 2014 on a Mac

    Brad L. Level 1

      I have installed some of the CC 2014 products for testing. Until the rest my department moves from CC to CC 2014 I need to open and create new projects in CC as the CC 2014 AEP's won't open in other versions.


      The issue is when I try to change the file association, in the Get Info inspector, from "Adobe After Effects CC.app" to "Adobe After Effects CC 2014.app" and hit "Change All" it always reverts back to CC 2014. I have tried this as an administrator and even when logged in as administrator. It is like Creative Cloud overrides it. You can do one at a time but you cannot set the default.


      I would like to "roll back" my file associations for AE and PS to CC but I don't want to uninstall the 2014 versions if possible as I have already install many plug-ins, license keys, scripts, etc. and everything is working fine within the apps. Is it possible?


      Thanks for any help.