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    Replicate digital signature on multiple pages in document

    Sue Kuettel

      Using Adobe Acrobat Pro X.

      I added a digital signature to by using Tools, Sign & Certify, Sign Document, drawing the box, insert digital signature.

      Is there a quick way to repllicate the signature on multiple pages in the same document?

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          Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

          This is a common question, but I'm afraid it's almost certainly the wrong question. It usually comes from trying to translate a system of paper signatures into digital signatures without really examining how different they are.


          The key is that digital signatures always, without exception, apply to the whole document. Yes, they might have an appearance on one page, but that is of no importance - in fact I think appearances should be banned because they lead people into the trap of looking at the page to see if it is signed - but this is trivial to fake, and of no security value.


          If you have a need to overlap a paper based and digital system, you could use a stamp (not a signature) on each page, THEN sign.