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    General but very urgent question about After Effects...

    AngryCloud Level 1

      I registered for an online course with my college called "Motion Graphics."


      The class description states that the course teaches Adobe Flash and Adobe After Effects,

      and requires the "Classroom in a Book" textbooks for both applications.


      Part of the class description says, "Students will learn how to manipulate text, produce simple animations,

      incorporate audio and video, and learn the necessities of Action Scripting."


      I don't know much about After Effects; I signed up for the class to learn Flash because I am interested in using it

      to create games, mobile apps, and embedded web content. I have no interest in making flash movies.


      After the course opened up today online, it says only the After Effects textbook is needed,

      and that the Flash textbook is not required because Flash has been "phased out" of the course.


      I have been intending to take the ActionScript course after this completing this Motion Graphics course.

      This Motion Graphics course is actually a prerequisite for the ActionScript course.

      Does that even make sense considering Flash has been "phased out" of the course?


      As I said, my intention was to learn Flash and move on to learning ActionScript for the purpose of

      creating games, mobile apps, and embedded web content. Should I even be bothering with this class?