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    Manually setting up size for shapes or stroke width bug


      Hi everybody,


      Since I installed Photoshop CC 2014 I have the most annoying problem.

      I can't seem to change the sizes of my shapes or the stroke width manually.


      So let's say I created a square of 150x150 and I want a new size of exactly 126x126, I can't write the exact size in the top field.

      I write it and, once I press tab to leave the field, it puts back the previous value.


      Same for stroke width. I'm obliged to use the slider to be able to change the width of my stroke - which obviously is everything but precise.


      I don't know if I missed something but this is the first time is happening since I'm using Photoshop.



      Thanks for your help!





      UPDATE 29/01/15


      This is coming a bit late but it seems we found where the bug is coming from.

      I'm using a macbook pro retina 13 with a french keyboard. To type a number I need to press shift + the number.

      So to get back to my example I want to change the size of 150px to 126px. I would write the number 126 in the size field and to do so I would need to press the button shift + 126. The fact is that once you're interacting with the size field in the top menu, it seems that the shift button triggers the path operation "combine shapes"  and overrides my action of typing a number.

      Let us know if you can do something about it.