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    insert line break - Rich text field

    Grahame Jansen

      Good day,


      im trying to insert a line break in Rich text field. i have set the text field to allow page breaks + multiple lines.

      Text field receives data from a data binding, and new lines gets added with set value operation in workbench process.


      below is the code im using in the set value operation.



      /process_data/FormData/xdp/datasets/data/StaffRequisitionForm/businessData/ApprovalStringP rev, "CR+LF",

      /process_data/userBizExec/object/@commonName, "Requested", " ", current-date(), " @ ", current-time(), " ", /process_data/FormData/xdp/datasets/data/StaffRequisitionForm/businessData/tmpComment)


      now i have tried,








      none of the above creates a line break in the text field.BUT if i try it on a HTML mail the line break works.


      please help.