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    LabelFunction and Responder

      I'm working with amfphp to fill an datagrid with 2 columns: one for questions questions and one for the corresponding tags separated with a ", "
      The questions and tags are in separate tables, a one-on-many relation.
      I can display the questions, that's not the problem, my query and databinding works fine.
      I would like to get the tags troug flex, not in the php backend/query

      So in the labelFunction of the Tag column, there is this:
      gateway.call( "tag.getTagsByQuestionId", new Responder(onSuccess, onFault) ,[item.questionId]);

      the onSuccess function is like this:
      public function onSuccess( result : Array ) : void
      selectedTags = new ArrayCollection(result);

      gateway is extended from NetConnection, necessary for amfphp to work

      I need to return the string for the Tag column in the label function, but there I can't get the selectedTags (because it isn't loaded at the time)

      In a way, i need the return value from the onSuccess function (that will return a String then...) in the labelFunction, but how can I achieve this?