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    Workflow; from (illustrator) design to Flash Builder (with no room for interpretation)


      Dear all,


      A couple of years ago, we've made quite a bold move to start developing a large ERP application using Flex. The workflow was straight forward; functional and graphic designs were developed almost simultaneously (using Illustrator for the graphic part) and subsequently Catalyst would be used to convert the illustrator designs to usable code in Flash Builder.


      Since Catalyst has been discontinued, we've been dealing with a real gap which is recently been widened due to the fact we've started using later versions (Adobe CC). Thus, we are in need of some advice. We need solutions to move from an illustrator design to flash builder without our developers having to execute design tasks or interpret designs while coding. Basically my questions are as follows:


      - How do I get .ai files over to Fb leaving no room for interpretation (dimensions, colors, gradients, blends, padding, etc)?

      - What is the best flow in case we want to also add some interactivity / animation to our designs without having to dive into the code, in order to convey our ideas to our developers?


      I have browsed forums and watched several training videos, but all I can find are workflows from design to web. Surely, you guys can help me out!