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    All of my CC products crash around 10-20 seconds after launch


      I have read various forums & posts & tried all kinds of suggestions people have made to others that have suffered a similar issue (updating drivers, disabling graphics card etc) but I am experiencing the same problem. I think this traces back to when I reactivated my laptop to use the various CC products after using my CC login to run software on another desktop machine. I have uninstalled every product (including creative cloud itself) & reinstalling them all again but I'm no further forward.


      I have contacted Adobe & had several online chat sessions with them without success at which point they suggested I call Adobe for further assistance. I have sat on hold twice now for more than 20 minutes before giving up as I just don't have that kind of time available to sit on the phone.


      It'd be great if I could get some help as I really need these products up & running on my laptop.