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    Inserting numbers to a web page along side DB values

    skinneyfat Level 1

      I have a database full of options for additions to houses. Porches, driveways, carports etc. Each of these options has a possibility of having different sizes depending on the house size. What I have right now is an admin page with a checkbox that is next to each option. If checked that option gets listed on the web page. My issue is that I need to include random sizes for each option if needed. For example, the web page would look something like this:


      Porch: 10' x 10'


      Now the checkbox would be for including the word porch, but how do I include the dimensions? I never know the exact size, and there is no set sizes. My thought was to put a form field next to each option that inputs the size manually. But how would that get transferred to the web page?\\


      This is what I am thinking of how



      Now the checkbox will add the words but the dimension form field is where I'm confused. How do I get the dimension field into the web page? Any help would be appreciated.