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    Check in Problems

      Hi, hoping someone can help. I am new to the forums and not very technical so will try to explain problem if I can! I am using RH x5 for a Webhelp project that is linked to Source Control. I can create a new topic fine but when I try to amend the topic and check it back in I get an error messgae (Contact Technical Support). So the topic will not check back in. I have tried resetting user permissions, and double checked all permissions correct. Can anyone help?
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Nicola and welcome to the RH forums. You may be better trying to get your DBA involved with this. However can you give any idea of the rest of the error message if there is one. Also can you confirm you are using RHX5's built in source control tool?
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            MergeThis Level 4
            You make no mention of having Added the topic to source control. You can't Check In a file if it hasn't been Added and Checked Out, right?

            If that's not it, come on back.

            Good luck,
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              Thanks for the replies. I have added the topic to Source Control and yes I am using RH X5 built in Source Control. Any other suggestions?