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    Can't install Flash Player upgrade


      Can't install Flash Player upgrade on Windows 7 system. Get it downloaded and get message "an exception Runtime error has occured in script".  Message says "new instance of MS Script Editor".  Try to debug and get message "can not create application folder"

      What do I do?

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          maria__ Adobe Employee



          I've seen another report of the installer throwing a script error, however, I've been unable to reproduce.   Can you please do the following to provide a log file for further troubleshooting:


          1. Download the installer from get.adobe.com/flashplayer and save it to the desktop
          2. Launch the command prompt, click the Start orb and in the search field, type: cmd.exe
          3. When the command prompt utility launches, drag the installer from the desktop onto the command prompt window hit space key and type /debug
            • It should look similar to (the actual file name may differ): C:\Users\labuser\Desktop\install_flashplayer14x32_mssd_aaa_aih.exe /debug
              • Note there IS a space between the file name and the / and there is NO space between / and debug
              • If there are spaces in the directory path, the command needs to be encapsulated in quotes, for example: "C:\Documents and Settings\labuser\Desktop\install_flashplayer14x32_mssd_aaa_aih.exe" /debug
          4. Click Enter to proceed
          5. A file named host.develop.log will be saved to the same location the installer was saved to
            • You may notice the the online installer file is missing. This is because it deletes itself once executed, so it will no longer be saved locally.
          6. Post the contents of the host.develop.log file here in your response, or share the file following the How to share a document instructions.


          Thank you in advance.