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    AMS 5.03, inconsistent VOD perfomance




      I have an RHEL 6.5 final release that I have Adobe Media Server Professional 5.03 installed on.  The server is a new dell R720xd, 2 x E5-2680 v2 proc., 128 GB RAM and over 4 TB HD.  We had an old version of fms 3.5 (fedora8) that was installed and working and the server has hardware failed.  Our old content seems to be working fine, however when new content is added the server will not stream f4v, flv, etc, it will olny stream mp4.  If I have/had an f4v file, I can just change the extension to mp4 and then the server streams.  Very frustrating, I have done the troubleshooting on the online help files and have now posted this to the forums.  Can anyone help or have a suggestion?  Thanks.