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    Adobe Send


      I don't understand why I can no longer send scanned documents by Adobe Send? It will upload and then state can not send file? I had no issues w/Adode Send Now.  I also pay a yearly fee for this program.

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          Sara.Forsberg Employee Moderator

          Hi sswlost,


          You should be able to send the same types of files with Adobe Send that you can with Adobe SendNow. How large is the file that you're trying to send? There are some issues with sending large files; Adobe is working on improving the upload experience with these large files. In the meantime, you're welcome to continue using Adobe SendNow to send your files.



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            sswlost Level 1

            Hi Sara,


            I like sswlost.  My file is large (11pgs. total) can't exactly remember megabytes.  But for now will use Abode Send Now.  Why fix it if not broken? I like Abode SendNow. Never had an issue since I upgraded (which meant  it would be a cost) but it's very affordable and I use it as needed.  I hope the CEO is listening leave as is.  Thank you for responding back.  I feel better knowing it's not me but technicality w/Abode Send.

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              Sara.Forsberg Employee Moderator

              Thanks for sharing your feedback. The large file issue is definitely being worked on, so I would expect to see parity between the two services in the near future!



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                Rebecca Staley Adobe Employee

                Hi everyone -

                The Adobe Send team would like to let you know that we’ve identified the problem you encountered with sending very large files. We’ve patched it up and believe that you should be able to upload and send your large files without further difficulty; please try again and let us know what you see! Thank you for your patience and your feedback.