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    The Reference PDF - so messy

    Alp Er Tunga Level 1

      Could you please prepare a more understandable reference PDF for the 2014 release?


      It is greatly disordered document ...


      I learned many subjects of Ps by just reading the reference PDF in the past, but now it is impossible.

      "Drawing and painting" section begins with "Modify shapes" !!

      "3D and technical imaging" section begins with "3D painting" !!


      Now, I try to learn to create internal constraints in 3D, but the reference says "choose 3D>Repousse>..."

      There is no repousse in 2014 release under the 3D menu !!

      I could not find how to create an internal constraint in the 2014 release of Ps.


      If the downloading link of it says that it is the reference of Ps 2014 release, why do you fill it with a lot of information for the ealier versions?


      I've never seen before ... the reference of Ps so messy, so disordered, so carelessy done.