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    Dynamically copy a PDF form to a specific repository via a button




      Sorry in advance if this is a dumb issue for which there is an obvious solution, but since I'm not a developer I couldn't tell and my searches around the web haven't allowed me to solve this out.


      As the web designer here, I've been asked to create a dynamic PDF that would include a form and a button that would export a copy of the completed form when clicked. The copy would need to be placed into a specific repository on a local server. I found out that is was possible to create a dynamic button in InDesign when creating a dynamic PDF form, but it seems that the native actions available for the buttons are quite simple, like switching to a page within the document or sending an email. I would need, with the help of my developer, collegue, to customise an action for a button so that it would act like mentionned here above. I thought it might involve some scripting within InDesign to customise the action. Am I right and what would be the best way to achieve this?