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    RH6 trial and WinHelp to CHM

      I'd like to migrate from old WinHelp file to CHM...
      Since now I used an old RH version and now I'm evaluating the new one (6), but I've got some trouble with the CHM I've created. First, I want to be sure that my troubles aren't caused by some trial version limitation...
      So, the matter is that RH doesn't seem to process all my topics... as result I've got an incomplete index (if compared with the winhelp's old one), even if RH shows me all the keywords before generate the CHM file, and obviously the context help can find some arguments...

      Thanks in advance
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Gio. The trial version does have a limited number of topics (25 from memory) that it can handle. It may be best to try testing a sub-set of your winhelp file in order to fully test RH6.
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            jojoalbe Level 1
            Thanks.. ok, I've tried using a smaller project made of about 20 topics and each one seems to be well processed.
            However, there are still some things that doesn't look like they should... for example, popups links are not underlined in a different way from the other links, links are blue instead of green, and so on... but when I use the ActiveTest button while editing, everything looks like it should be. Why what I see from active test and what I get when I generate the project are so different (even if project options seems to be ok)?