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    How to set up automatic backups in InDesign

    mosheyri Level 1

      Does anyone know how to set an automatic back to InDesign? Yes, I'm aware that there are tons of general backups available and can always "save as" to make copies. However in a team enviroment where many people work on InDesign files, we need a more robust backup solution specifically for InDesign. Coming from Quark, there was an automatic backup available at set intervals. Running: InDesign CC 2014.


      I came across a script which seems to do just that but appears to have been written for Apple Script as oppose to Java Script. Perhaps someone can translate that into Javascript. Using a windows platform, Apple Script obviously won't work. The script is as follows:

      Anyone with assistance, thanks much in advance.


      tell application "Finder" to set backupPath to folder "Macintosh HD:documents:backup files"


      tell application "Adobe InDesign CS2"


      set myFilePath to file path of active document

      set myFile to full name of active document

      set cd to current date

      set nuName to name of active document

      set nuName to nuName & "-" & ((year of cd) & (month of cd) & (day of cd) as string)

      set nuName to nuName & "-" & (time of cd) as string

      tell application "Finder"

      set backupFile to duplicate myFile to backupPath

      set name of backupFile to nuName

      end tell

      save active document

      on error

      save active document

      end try

      end tell