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    Internet Explorer Issue With HTTPService

      I have two HTTPServices. One of them read data from a file generated with PHP which queries one of my MySQL Tables. There is no problem with this one. Another HTTPService sends some data to another .php file which has another query that adds data to the same table.

      Problem is this:

      1. Step - When i use Internet Explorer and try to add new entry for my table this step works.
      2. Step - I try to update my datagrid which is connected to first HTTPService, this is ok too.
      3. Step - After i saw the updated data on my dataGrid i try to add a second new data to my table. This gives no errors, and i check my table from PHPMyAdmin i see that the second entry is successful.
      4. Step - But at this one and after this step it seems Microsoft Internet Explorer doesn't want to update the data which i want to call from MySQL. Instead i shows me some kind of cache data.(Data from second step.)

      At first i thought this is about the concurrrency property of my HTTPService, but that doesn't work.

      NOTE: There is no problem with Mozilla Firefox or Safari.

      Please help me, at least make an explanation of this issue in Microsoft way.