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    Reading Frame information from FLVPlayback component?

      I have no idea if this is even possible at the moment, but an hoping beyong hope that there can be some actionscript written that can detect the frame currently playing in an .flv streaming in via the built in FLVplayback component.

      Essentially, I've been given to create a map video of the U.S., that runs about 3 frames per 1 week period between jan 1 1998 and april 1 2007. I have done all those frames through other software that is scriptable, and have batch processed them to the right size and color depth in photoshop. So far so good... but at this point, no frame is labelled with its week-date, nor has the color legend for what is being displayed on the map... what I was instructed to do was have those things display in flash as the movie plays... which sounded fine when not giving it a lot of thought...

      But now that I am playing this .flv in flash documents, I'm a bit at a loss. I could write actionscript to update a dynamic text field if only I knew what frame the flv was at. Now... this might all have been easy if the .flv was directly embedded and playing frame by frame such that i could embed the dynamic text field on top of the movie and simply update it by the location of the .swf frame... but one of the demands here is that we have the star/stop and timeline controllers (which are nice features of FLVplayback). But this means I would need to have some way to read or access the frame of the .flv as a separate entity, and during the start/stop and timeframe scroller activities of FLVplayback.

      Is there any hope that objects outside the .flv movie can be updated based on the frame of the .flv file? I'm investigating means of possibly scripting the label and legend straight into the map making software, but in that case this stuff will be hard-embedded into the movie and not quite as flexible as my people would hope for... also investigating a way to update the bare frames in a reasonable amount of manhours via after effects or premiere... but would really like to hear someone suggest a way to simply retrieve the frame info from FLVplayback... thanks!