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    Building interactive forms in InDesign (can I overcome Acrobat limitations?)

    shawninvancouver Level 2

      Hello all,


      I was creating a form (automated business card form for our Office Manager) and I ran into a problem where the two lines, each with two text fields needed to be auto-centered based on the length of a person's name and/or their title. Apparently, Adobe Acrobat text fields cannot be grouped and auto-centered. For more details and an example of what I am trying to create, see here: Dynamically auto-center text fields?


      It was suggested that I could accomplish my goal by inserting JavaScript, unfortunately, I could not locate any examples that would clue me in on what was necessary.


      After fighting with the limitations of Adobe Acrobat, I began thinking... I have the entire Adobe CC suite, perhaps there is a better tool...like InDesign? I know InDesign is capable of creating forms but will I still run into the same problem as I did with Acrobat? After all, the final output (PDF) is the same.


      Any advice is appreciated.