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    Lightroom 5.6 Adjustment brush suddenly renders image differently without any change in values.


      I upgraded to Lightroom 5.6 a few weeks ago and wasn't experiencing any issues until today. I am working on a project and have been using the Adjustment Brush effects (i.e. skin softener, teeth whitener, etc.). When using these effects, I have left them at their preset values, for example skin softener has values of Clarity -35, Sharpness -20 and Noise 30. These preset values worked fine on the images I was editing. I have edited around 100 images with these brushes at their preset values, however all of a sudden I noticed that any brush effect was MUCH more enhanced when I started editing another image in the project. For example, the skin softener was so extreme that it was giving a blurred effect but the values of Clarity -35, Sharpness -20 and Noise 30 hadn't changed at all. It's as if the brush was operating at values of Clarity -100, Sharpness -100. This effect of "over-enhancing" is happening with all brushes, i.e the teeth whitener is VERY white but again the values haven't changed. I quit Lightroom and restarted it but the problem persists. Has anyone else experienced this issue with brushes? Appreciate any help, thanks.