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    InDesign CC 2014 Can't edit Text font or Click editing tools in the UI


      We have a bunch of complaints about the same thing across windows 8 and 7, 32 or 64 bit InDesign. Our news editors will be working in a page, when all of a sudden they will draw a text box and flow in some text, and they can't change the font (it just resets to the font it was), and they can't click on any of the editing boxes in the panel at the top below the menu. This poses a rather frustrating problem. I tried cleaning the preferences, and resetting it, but that didn't help. this happens to everyone. I'm wondering if maybe there is some sort of hot-key they are using that is causing this to happen? None reported any sort of graphical glitches, so I ruled that out. They're all up to date.


      I never have time to sit and watch the room to see what it is they do, however, the problem seems to be habitual. It's not always present, and seems to happen only after they bring in one of their stories. The top bar, I noticed, changes based on what you are editing. I had one open the text window and pin it to the side bar. This had the same effect. I'm pretty sure this has nothing to do with Font sizes, DPI, or even Aero, so those suggestions are not going to help, given that I've already tried that and peeved off two of the users for messing up their desktops. I've also tried running InDesign with some compatibility settings, telling it to disable scaling on high DPI settings as I had to do with Google Chrome in Windows 8. In Windows 8.1, the compatibility option to run without the DWM is no longer present so I couldn't try that.


      I'm stuck. People are angry with me for changing their oh so perfect CS 5.5 out for this, and messing with their computers all the time. It's making my head hurt, and bringing up the stress levels. Is there a fix? Is there something, or someone out there that has this problem?  (Yes, I uninstalled and removed CS5.5 prior to installing CC 2014 Which I had no choice to install the previous CC).