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    Lightroom 4 camera raw plugin 7.4 install questions

    Gary Apodaca

      I have Lightroon 4 and CS4, When I right click to edit in CS4 I get a dialog box that says "This version of lightroom may require the Photoshop camera RAW plug-in version 7.4 for full compatibility. Any help?

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          LR always expects an ACR plug-in that is the same as is compatible with its version.   You must have LR 4.4 so it expects ACR 7.4. 


          Unfortunately you’d need PS-CS6 or PS-CC to get ACR 7.x or higher, so with CS4 you can only use ACR 5.x.


          In such a situation you should choose the option to Render with LR Adjustments and you’ll see a TIF or PSD in PS, rather than PS using ACR to render the file, which is the normal situation when the versions of LR and ACR match. 


          If you’re not seeing that option whenever you use Edit In PS, then go into the LR preferences and choose Reset Warning Dialogs, so it’ll ask you, again.