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    Cannot install Adobe Flash...at all!


      I have seen many different versions of this question asked...nothing seems to fit my situation.  I have tried all of the troubleshooting techniques.  Nothing seems to work.

      I am operating a MacBook Pro OS X 10.9.4 with Firefox 31.0 (default browser) and Safari 7.0.6.


      I have been prompted to update Adobe Flash multiple times over the past few months, but I can't!  I have tried using both browsers.  I have tried with Firewall on AND off.  I have tried at different times during the day AND evening.  I have tried uninstalling Adobe Flash altogether, including the plug-in.  Nothing.  I have tried the offline installer.  To no avail.  I have tried every suggestion and route out there, and have come up with a big fat ZERO. 


      So, now I have no Flash at all, and it refuses to download whatsoever.  I'm talking 0% with the spinning beach ball of death until it just quits with a download error.


      WHAT THE H*LL DO I HAVE TO DO?!?!?!  I'm dying here!