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    Default color swatch and scripting


      Hello everyone.

      I need to integrate something in my workflow.

      I generate a lot of rather simple different documents every day. Mainly logos.

      I need to automaticfally add some color references on the document. This means something like a little square and some text on the side stating the pantone reference used, for each used color on the document.

      So I found a script that would do just that, taking the color swatch as a reference.

      The problem with this is that it will also include the default colors of the swatch. (I know there's a way to change this, but colors like white and black will allways remain there).

      The other problem, is that it seems like lauching a script from the file > script menu isnt taken into account when creating an action.


      I dont want to have to sort all this manually and am looking for a way to automate this.

      So if anyone has an idea as to how to do this, it woul dbe very cool.


      Thanx for your input !