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    AE 2014 Significantly Slower


      So last night I finally downloaded CC 2014.  Didn't even realize I didn't update yet, as I think I got impatient when I initially attempted to Download it.


      Here's my problem.  I opened up a project (After first time opening AE 2014), and it had some sort of dialogue box / pop-up that stated this project must be converted "To" or "From" (can't remember) "64 Bit".


      I think "File must be converted From 64 Bit". 


      Didn't think anything of it.


      I'm in a project that I have been working on for weeks, and I notice it is rendering SIGNIFICANTLY SLOWER.  Would some sort of setting have changed when I installed 2014?  I swear it feels like it's running 32 bit.  How can I check?  I wish I could put in to words how much slower it is, but I guess "significant" will have to suffice.


      Thanks for any help.