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    Locating images

    Mr. Mayor

      I have been remiss in the past and have have images all over the place causing the dreaded "?" (Question Mark) on lots of my folders.


      For example: My Lightroom (5.6 - Mac) hierarchy looks like this:




                     ? Folder

                     ? Folder

                     ? Folder

                     ? Folder


      When I right-click on the question mark I get the dialog " Find Missing Folder" it takes me to the Desktop list but not to the exact location. I forgot where I put these images and may have moved them.


      I thought if I put a lot of images in folders into a folder on the desktop called PHOTOS.


      What's my solution? thanks.

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          areohbee Level 6

          There are two approaches to resolving missing folders/photos:


          1. Change catalog to match current location.

          2. Copy/move files from current location to match catalog.


          If you want #1, then you must know where the photos are, because you have to choose the current location - dunno any way around that.


          If you want #2, then you have to use a plugin called 'Relocation Services' (free, written by me) - you can then point to a root folder where the photos are known to be, somewhere in the tree, and the plugin will find them, and copy/move them back where they (supposedly) belong - be prepared to resolve ambiguity if filenames are not unique, and if filenames have changed, you'll need to take some other steps..


          robcole.com - LrRelocationServices