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    Authenticate publishers - How to


      Hi, excuse me, i need to authenticate the publishers of live streams. I founded an article that talks about it, and it sound simple, but i don't know where to start. The solution is based in server side actionscript, but how to implement it? Thanks in advance.

      The next step to increase security would be to implement a user authentication scheme to validate the connecting client. For example, using variables passed in through the clientNetConnection method, you could implement a simple username/password, an encrypted token (MD5 Hash), or a unique key:

      • User credentials (login/password):
        NetConnection.connect("rtmp://yourFMSserver.com", "username", "password");
      • Encrypted token (MD5 Hash):
        NetConnection.connect("rtmp://yourFMSserver.com", 6aef79f07bc8f23c38e8979f3630f436);
      • Unique key:
        NetConnection.connect("rtmp://yourFMSserver.com ", 349jh3k4324h9.234234098);

      Then, on the server side, FMS would be able to integrate with web services (SOAP), Flash Remoting, XML, HTTP Post (loadVars) or simple file access to validate the client based on the data sent. "