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    DPX w/ Neat Video export changing color temp!

    sco24 Level 1

      Hello All,


      Here's my problem.


      -Have a color grade already completed in Davinci Resolve consisting of r3d files and DPX files.  (DPX are for the VFX work).


      -VFX have been completed, DPX files sent back to me.  I can bring those into Resolve and apply the grade and everything matches.


      -There are some VFX shots (and other DPX exports) that need noise reduction though.  I have Neat Video for AE, not Resolve.


      -So I tried bringing the completed VFX DPX shots into AE before adding back the grade.  I applied Neat Video and exported with same settings for DPX.  Log 10 bit.  Working in 16bpc.  No color space chosen, etc. 


      -But when I bring those DPX AE exports into Resolve and apply the grade it changes the color temp making it WARMER! 


      -I've double checked its not the VFX file and brought that into AE and exported with same settings (but without Neat Video applied).  I then brought that into Resolve and applied the grade and it looks perfect (no change).


      -I then went back into AE and applied a different effect than Neat.  Instead I used Gaussian Blur and that too changes the color temp.


      -So it seems to be something that the filters/effects are doing to the clip.  I've contacted Neat Video and they say it's probably a color space issue or the way AE is exporting it because removing noise (they say) will not have this effect on color.  This is also backed up by the Gaussian Blur causing the exact same issue when reapplying the grade in Resolve.


      -I have some hard deadlines coming up so I would really appreciate any help or advice someone could give me.  I'm not a colorist so my knowledge is limited in this area.  I'm basically doing some of this work because the colorist (who I used for the initial grade) is booked up at the moment to get back in there.  So to meet this deadlines I'm trying to get a noise reduction (Neat) to work without having to buy another version of it for Resolve. 


      I did try adding Neat Video to a color graded DPX clip (in AE), and that seems to have slightly less of an effect on the temperature, but it still occurs. 


      Thanks in advance.