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    Trying to save versions using batch. "Overide save as" saves each version over it's self and not to a seperate file.

    Francis P



      I have about 100 folders each with one file in them.

      I have an action that when run on a single file saves 10 colour variations of that file.

      When I use batch with the "Override save as" unchecked it attempts to save 10 variations to the folder I used when recoding the action.

      When run batch with "Override save as" checked, it saves each version over the top of it's self one after the other leaving me with just one file not 10.


      I need batch to:

      • Go to the first folder.
      • Save the ten variations to that folder.
      • Repeat for each folder


      In short, I need it to override the folder specified in the Save As but not the file names.

      Is this possible?


      Thanks for any help you can offer.