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    How to install Flash Player when browser running Flash content


      In my working environment, Flash Player update need to be install silently with no disruption. Internet Explorer or Firefox browser cannot be close to avoid disruption to end user.

      Therefore, in my package, it will run "uninstall_flash_player.exe -uninstall" command first before install latest Flash Player Plugin and ActiveX.

      uninstall_flash_player.exe 11.6.602.171 is use in my package to run uninstall command.

      This method is working fine until version I don't have problem to remove any previous or current Flash Player using this command with Internet Explorer or Firefox running.

      I also can re-install Flash Player without need to close Internet Explorer or Firefox browser


      When Adobe release latest update ( for ActiveX and for Plugin), my package no longer work like expected.

      While Internet Explorer or Firefox are running, Flash Player is removed by running "uninstall_flash_player.exe -uninstall" command.

      But, it failed to re-install latest Flash Player ( for ActiveX and for Plugin). It return error code 1603 when run install command

      MSIEXEC.exe /i install_flash_player_14_active_x.msi TRANSFORMS="install_flash_player_14_active_x.mst" ALLOWINSTALL=1 /qn

      I need to close Internet Explorer and Firefox browser first before run the install command again.


      Is there any solution for this? Please fix it so that it work like previous version

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          maria__ Adobe Employee

          hi thamm,


          The uninstaller you are using, 11.6.602.171, is very old and should not be used to uninstall the latest version.  The uninstaller is updated with each release.  If you include the uninstaller as part of your deployment process, which you shouldn't have to, please be sure to use the latest version and not a previous version.

          Please provide the FlashInstall.log file for impacted systems and we will review them.  FlashInstall.log file is located in C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash and C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Macromed\Flash if the system is 64-bit.  The files will most likely be fairly large to post here.  You can share them via acrobat.com using the instructions here The specified item was not found.