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    Premiere Elements 12 Windows project to Mac


      I started my project on Windows 7 with Premiere Elements 12. Now I want to work with the project on Mac with Premiere Elements 12 (the same version). Unfortunately I got the error "The project is not compatible with current version of Premiere Elements". I used Project Archiver which created a new folder with all files on an external disc. Mac opened it and Premiere started to load it but then threw the error.

      Would it be possible to open a project done on Windows with Mac? I really need this because I've done quite a lot work with the project but my Windows license is over and converted to Mac.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          The project file (project.prel) created in Premiere Elements Windows cannot be opened in Premiere Elements Mac. The reverse is also true.


          One possibility might be to export your Premiere Elements Windows Timeline to the appropriate .mov or .mp4 and then import that file

          into Premiere Elements Mac new project. But, from what you wrote about your present circumstances, this does not seem to be possible.


          This is the situation with Premiere Elements (any version).


          Be aware that there are several Windows Only features in Premiere Elements.


          Please do not hesitate to ask if any questions or need further clarification on anything written here.


          Thank you.