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    Currency Formatter problem in IOS with 0 values

    Joshfromdallas Level 1

      I have built a datagrid in a web based Flash Builder 4.6 app. It works fine on Windows based pc's and in everybrowser I have tested. However when I test on macs, i get a different behavior. In the datagrid on creation, i set most of the cells to 0. Certain cells contain currency and number formatter in the <s:GridColumn> tag. So in windows 0 will show as $0.00 but in IOS it shows as 0. Any ideas what may be causing this behavior and if it is fixable?


      <s:GridColumn dataField="Total"   headerText="Total l$" editable="false" sortable="false" width="104" headerRenderer="renders.DGHeaderRenderer">


        <s:CurrencyFormatter useCurrencySymbol="true" />





        <s:Label id="labelDisplay" textAlign="right" right="3" height="100%" verticalAlign="middle"/>