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    A big bug

    German Director

      I'm edit dng-sequence BMCC at Premiere. After oper AE - import Adobe Premiere Pro project and... DNG-sequence failed. Just one shot. What?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Nobody can know. You have not provided any proper system info, no version info for the programs, no details about your comp and sequence settings, the exact source footage specs and so on. Your post is of no use to anyone.



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            German Director Level 1

            My english very bad) All version CC.



            Import just 1 shot (3mb), not sequence.  I tell with friends - it's in all versions.

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              It looks to me like both shots are the same except for the color and the frame being viewed. Your footage in AE is reported to be 1920 X 818 which is a very odd size. I do not know the size of your sequence is in Premiere Pro or what size the DNG sequence is supposed to be.


              If your concern is the color difference then you just have to match the color management settings in both apps. I don't know what they are in either.

              If you are seeing a size difference in the footage between AE and Premiere Pro then you should try opening the shot, not the PPro project in AE and checking to see if they are the same.

              If your concern is that the action is different in both shots then I can explain that. The CTI or current time indicator in AE is at 6 seconds and the CTI in PPro is at 0

              If your problem is that the comp in AE should be 1080 X 1920 but it is 1980 X 818 then check the footage size in AE and see if the footage is at the right size. If it is, change the composition settings.

              If there is another problem, please let me know.

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                German Director Level 1

                problem in that - when importing to AE sequence of long 16 seconds, I have not moving ONE SHOT of long 16 seconds

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                  Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  I see now. You get a still frame in AE, every frame is the same, but it looks like it is not the first frame.


                  Try importing the DNG sequence into AE and see if it is treated as a sequence.

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                    German Director Level 1

                    When I simply import to AE - everything excellent. problem only with import of the Premiere-project

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                      Tim Kurkoski Adobe Employee

                      This is a bug. DNG sequences in a Premiere Pro project only import the first frame when that project is imported or linked into After Effects.


                      Under the hood, this is a tricky one: After Effects and Premiere Pro use different importer modules for DNG files, and the sequence-vs-not flag is getting lost in the translation. More importantly, the different importers mean you will get different performance of DNG files and control over their appearance between the two applications.


                      After Effects uses Adobe Camera Raw, the same as Photoshop, to read DNG files. This allows After Effects to import a variety of camera raw formats, not just DNG, and gives the same control over the adjustment parameters as Photoshop. Adjustments saved in Photoshop or Lightroom (as XMP sidecars for non-DNG formats) are recognized. The downside is that Adobe Camera Raw is not optimized for video processing and can be very slow.


                      Premiere Pro uses the Lumetri Deep Color Engine to read DNG files, which is technology adopted from SpeedGrade. There is less control over the appearance of the file with this importer, compared to Adobe Camera Raw, but it is optimized for video and reads sequences much faster.


                      We are investigating the sequence-vs-not bug; until it is fixed, you can work around this by replacing the footage in After Effects with the same DNG sequence (right-click on the footage in the Project panel > Replace Footage). The differences in appearance will not change until After Effects adopts the importer components from the Lumetri Deep Color Engine; that is something we want to do in the future.


                      As always, please feel free to report this or other issues as bugs: http://adobe.ly/ReportBug

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                        German Director Level 1

                        Thank you! Yes, i'm replacing the DNG in AE by "Replace Footage". When clips much it is very expensive on time))

                        I will wait very much when this problem will correct. Thanks for the answer! )

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                          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          If you mark it answered then others may be able to find the solution faster.

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                            Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

                            I'll take care of that, Rick. Hope that's OK with German Director.