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    Problem signing certificates from external token (smart card)


      I can not sign PDF documents with an external token (smart card) through a card reader of a Cherry keyboard.


      The card drivers perfectly detect the card and certificates in it, however when trying to sign a certificate in Adobe and select the location of the certificate click in the option "A device attached to this computer" ... I get an error indicating that no device is connected to the computer appears.

      I have tried several different card readers, it seems a problem of drives because the middleware card recognizes all tested certificates readers, however it seems that Adobe is not able to find the card reader. It has happened with several teams. In one team made a clone and deploy it to another machine with the same hardware environment, the firm run properly in the pdf that clone, however on the original computer is not working.

      You have any idea what could be the problem? Thank you very much in advance.

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          Steven.Madwin Adobe Employee

          If the digital ID's corresponding public-key certificate is not getting added to either the Windows Certificate Store, or Mac Keychain Access when you plug the card into the card reader, then you need to load the PKCS#11 module via the Acrobat UI. The module will be a DLL on Windows or a bundle file on the Mac. The problem is there is no one file name to look for, you would need to consult the hardware's documentation to find the name of the file. Once you know the name you can add the P11 module from the Security Settings dialog and then Acrobat will then see the digital ID(s) loaded on the smart card.