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    CC programs freeze when mouse settings are changed to left hand use


      Hi everyone,


      I have a little problem with several CC programs, when the mouse setting is changed to letf hand use for one user.

      We are running Windows 7 x64 Professional and the latest version of Adobe CC 2014 of Photoshop and Illustrator.


      When the user works with large files, the CC program (Photoshop in most cases, but e.g. Illustrator as well)  freezes, the only window that works then is the window of the file that is open at the moment. Windows of other files are not clickable . When the taskmanager is opened then the other windows become clickable again. But when the user clicks somewhere, for example on the desktop  a right click is a left click. that stops when a the left mouse button is clicked, than it works again.


      The problem appears once or twice a day. When we change the mouse settings back to normal everything works fine.


      I appreciate any hints and help