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    Error After effects quicktime Render

    Dydy Weaky


      I am facing a problem rendering in After Effects CS5.


      This is my computer :
      - Windows 7 Pro 64bit
      - Processor: Intel Xeon E5 2660 V2 - 20CPU
      - 32GB Ram
      - CG: Nvidia GTX 780 TI

      My problem:
      I'm working on a movie with a green screen sequences in .mov, animation codec. When I start rendering, it runs for a few pictures and then the error:
      Error made in the background. Rendering in the foreground will be activated after 229 images out of 486 (26 § 142)
      After Effects (Error) Error (4) when reading image from file D: \ ****** \ Sequences \ TV_Sequence-3a6.mov. (86 § 2)
      After Effects (error): Keylight out of memory. (4) (25 § 241)

      I tried a lot of manipulation:
      - Checking "using the OpenGL" and it works but the rendering time is multiplied by 10 if not more.
      - By changing the format of the green screen sequences (wmv, mp4, avi) and it works. So it's really a .mov problematic.
      - By activating or not, the hyperthreading and it crashes.
      - By testing a render without movie inside the comp and it works
      So I think it comes from Quicktime and the number of processor cores, but how to solve this problem? : s

      I already check this link : troubleshooting QuickTime errors with After Effects CS5, CS5.5, CS6, and CC | After Effects region of interest  but it doesn't works

      Thank you for your help

      (sorry for my english)